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An Example Of Data Adjustments Adding Serious Warming

In The Official USHCN kept by the US Government

The Raw Data:

Here is a plot of the 122 year Astoria Oregon USHCN raw annual mean temperature time series from 1893 through 2014:

1)  http://www.atmos.washington.edu/marka/kast.raw.tmean.gif

A Needed adjustment:

From 1953 forward the record is from the Astoria Airport with readings at midnight. Prior to 1953 the record is from downtown Astoria with time of observation at 5 PM.  

The mean temperature at Astoria downtown from 1892-1960 compared to the mean temperature at Astoria Airport from 1953-2015 differs by 0.4 F (during the overlap period when both stations were active).

Mean temperature Astoria downtown  (1892-1960) = 51.4 F

Mean temperature Astoria Airport       (1953-2015) = 51.0 F

Taking into account the differing times of observation, we find the mean temperatures are nearly identical at the two locations separated by about 2 miles.

Since 5 PM observations are biased warm, a time-of-observation adjustment was applied to data prior to 1953 resulting in this time series graph with about -0.5 F "cooling" applied to data prior to 1953:

2) http://www.atmos.washington.edu/marka/kast.tobs.tmean.gif

The Official Record Becomes Large Warming!

Graph 2) (above) shows 1934 as the warmest year in the historical record at Astoria with 2014 coming in as the 4th or 5th warmest year. But then further adjustments were applied to further cool the data prior to 1953 by a whopping -3.5 F in the final quality controlled and fully adjusted version of the data:

3) Â http://www.atmos.washington.edu/marka/kast.adjusted.tmean.gif


After this large adjustment 2014 becomes by far the warmest month at Astoria in the past 122 years. The adjustment of -3.5 F is difficult to understand since a comparison of data from the two sites over the 6 year period of data overlap from 1954-1959 shows the downtown record to average only about +0.5 F warmer than the airport record.

To aid your visualization, here is a loop over the 3 versions of the 122-year annual mean temperature time series for Astoria Oregon:


So the question of the day is why was this large cooling adjustment applied to the Astoria data prior to 1953?

(Text and graphs thanks to Mark Albright, Dept of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington with minor edits by Webmaster)