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Debunking the Climate Scam

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The Best Ground Climate Data We Have

This US Government Graph from: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/temp-and-precip/national-temperature-index/time-series?

Data from NOAA's premiere surface reference network. The contiguous U.S. network of 114 stations was completed in 2008. There are two USCRN stations in Hawaii and deployment of a network of 29 stations in Alaska continues. The vision of the USCRN program is to maintain a sustainable high-quality climate observation network that 50 years from now can with the highest degree of confidence answer the question: How has the climate of the Nation changed over the past 50 years? U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN)

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The Best Ground Climate Data by regions (unfortunately no graphs are available yet


Satellite Data Covers the Whole Earth - UAH

University of alabama at Huntsville(UAH) provides one of two independendt analysis of NASA satellite temperature data

Satellite data from: http://www.drroyspencer.com/2015/08/uah-v6-0-global-temperature-update-for-july-2015-0-18-c/

Satellite graph from: http://nsstc.uah.edu/climate/

Satellite Data Covers the Whole Earth - RSS

Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) provides a second, independent, analysis of the NASA satellite data

Satellite data from:  http://images.remss.com/msu/msu_time_series.html

Radiosonde Data Matches Satellite Data But Goes Back Further

Note the lack of warming since 1958

Estimated lower troposphere global temperature record over the last 50 years

(averaged worldwide radiosonde measurements from weather balloons (Thorne et al. 2005).

Thorne, P.W., D.E. Parker, S.F.B. Tett, P.D. Jones, M. McCarthy, H. Coleman, and P. Brohan (2005).

Revisiting radiosonde upper air temperatures from 1958 to 2002, Journal of Geophysical Research.

110: D18105, doi:10.1029/2004JD005753.


Also see:



Another Version of Radiosonde Data

Above is from: https://realclimatescience.com/2016/03/noaa-radiosonde-data-shows-no-warming-for-58-years/

Our version: http://hadobs.metoffice.com/hadat/hadat2/hadat2_monthly_global_mean.txt

IPCC Version of Radiosonde + Satellite Data

From:   Fig 3.7 of https://www.ipcc.ch/ipccreports/sar/wg_I/ipcc_sar_wg_I_full_report.pdf

RURAL DATA avoids Urban Heat Island Effect

Fig. 19 Soon, Willie, Connolly, Ronan, Connolly, Michael, Reevaluating the role of solar variability on Northern Hemisphere temperature trends since the 19th century, Earth Science Reviews (2015), doi: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2015.08.010

More about this paper

Central England Temperature Since 1659 shows little warming

(This is the oldest data we have, but is probably not really the best)

Most rapid warming was in early 1700s (2 degrees in 18 years)

Total rise in 400 years =  about 1 degree

Little warming since 1988

Click graph to enlarge

Data From:  http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/data/download.html    

Data file:   Monthly_HadCET_mean.txt, 1659 to date  (Local-reformatted)